G-Project is currently active in 2 municipal areas in the Western Cape.
We have over 80 beneficiaries on the database.
With more than 15 sponsors.
Help us grow these statistics!


G-Project is active in several different facets in the community:


Every weekday at lunch time (12pm), everyone meets at the Wellington Pigeon Club for the distribution of food. Persons carrying G-Vouchers receive either a full plate of food, or bread and soup. Depending on the day, fresh fruit or other sweet foodstuffs are distributed in addition to the food. The day is is usually started with reading from scripture, followed by prayer. This is handled by 5 different churches taking turns at officiating at the proceedings. The primary goal of the food distribution is to see to it that those who are hungry, receive something to eat - but secondarily, it's also an opportunity to address other needs.


The work provision project is currently in development. The first phase of the project is already being planned with the help of experts on the field. The area earmarked for the project has been fenced off and is being prepared. Boland Bins sponsored some crates, and the soil and fertilizer for the garden building project is in the process of being ordered.


There are currently 5 churches involved in the delivery of short, spiritual messages before the daily distribution of food as part of the feeding scheme. We are blessed by the fact that we have so many volunteers, doing their work with commitment and passion. We have already noticed a big difference in the behaviour of many homeless people - but we want to strive to improve on that even further, to give more individual attention to the people and their faith. This in turn will have an impact on their decision-making and choices.


This aspect of the project is well underway. We receive clothing donations from several churches, the Round Table, the ACVV, and several individuals. There is however always a shortage of men's clothing. We distribute the clothes as necessary and keep record of who received clothing, and what items they received. This way we can ensure that we give to as wide a variety of people as possible.


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Feeding scheme
Meals are provided from Monday to Friday, and on Sundays at select locations.
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Give Responsible campaign
The public is educated not to give money or handouts directly to steet people.
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Medical service
NORSA is supporting the G- Project by providing free medical evaluations.